General Hospital Fans Are NOT HAPPY With This NEW TEASE

ABC’s legendary soap, General Hospital, has quite a large and loyal fan base on social media. They love raving and discussing all things GH, and do not like anyone messing about their favorite couples and characters. Recently, the soap’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, earned some heat from SPRINA shippers, after he dropped some hints about what the future might hold. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out what Frank Valentini teased, and why General Hospital fans called him out on it!

On May 23, 2023, General Hospital executive producer, Frank Valentini, took to Twitter and dropped a major bombshell about Spencer and Trina’s relationship. Valentini pointed that Trina has seen Spencer’s dark side now. Furthermore, he teased if it could be the end for them on General Hospital. The second he hit post on the tweet, all hell broke lose! Calling the fan reaction a “back-lash” will be a massive understatement!

General Hospital
GH/ Frank Valentini faces backlash from SPRINA fans

General Hospital fans, have waited literally ion for Spencer and Trina to confess their love and become an actual couple. And now that it’s finally happening, fans are ready to rip into anyone who would like to stand in SPRINA’s way. A Twitter user, Sassy Ash, verbally rolled their eyes at Valentini, and stated, “Well can they go on an actual date first?” At the same time, many fans reminded the GH exec that Trina has knows Spencer’s “dark side” for a long time!


In fact, a Twitter user, Letty, points that for all we know, Trina probably likes Spencer’s dark side on General Hospital. Well, they may have a point there! Spencer has never hidden who he is from Trina ever! Besides, they really really

are in love. So we completely understand SPRINA-shippers’ sentiments! They do not want trouble so soon in the lover’s paradise. Especially not over Dex! What do you think? Will Valentini’s hints stand ground and SPRINA will head for a breakup? Or will they find a way to sail through it? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens next!

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