General Hospital Spoilers For May 26, 2023: Tracy and Brook Lynn Argue, Sonny Demands Answers

General Hospital Spoilers For May 26, 2023, reveal that Tracy and Brook Lynn will come face to face again over a new argument. Meanwhile, Drew will try to gain some leverage against the Quartermaines. Will he find one? Moreover, will it bring him closer to the truth? Speaking of truths, Diane may be on to something, and might get into a fight over it with Nina. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out with Nina is about to get exposed!

Tracy And Brook Lynn Argue, Drew Finds Leverage Against Tracy

Tracy feels like she has been doing her granddaughter, Brook Lynn, a lot of favors on General Hospital. Starting from pulling strings to get Harrison Chase reinstated as a cop, to giving him a much needed push in Brook Lynn’s direction, she is taking credit for a lot of good in BLQ’s life. However, in the May 26, 2023, episode, she will remind Brook Lynn that there are no free lunches in the world and she must return the favor. But Brook Lynn may not look at it the same way. She will retaliate by reminding her grandmother that maybe her “favors” are a problem in themselves. Is a new war about to erupt between the two?

GH/ Brook Lynn and Tracy argue

Carly and Drew are deep into the mess with SEC on General Hospital. Carly is beginning to lose hope over finding a way out. However, spoilers for May 26, 2023, reveal that Drew will assure her that he will find a solution for their problem. Later, at the Quartermaine Mansion, he will end up overhearing Tracy and Brook Lynn’s conversation. This may lead to him picking up some hints that he can use as leverage against Tracy. He is beginning to believe that Ned might be innocent, thus, he needs new leads to uncover the real rat!


General Hospital Spoilers: Robert Confides In Anna, Sonny Intervenes Nina & Diane’s Fight

Ever since Holly Sutton returned to Port Charles, Robert Scorpio had been feeling torn between her and Diane Miller on General Hospital. However, recently, Holly found the solution to this love triangle. In the May 26, 2023, episode, Robert will have a heart-to-heart with Anna. He will confess that he has been really unfair with Diane, by stringing her along and kissing Holly at the same time. He will also fill Anna in on Holly’s decision of moving away from PC, since she doesn’t think she and Robert have a future. Will Anna be able to help Robert in smoothing things over with Diane?

General Hospital
GH/ Robert and Anna have a heart-to-heart.

General Hospital spoilers for May 26, 2023, tease that Diane will get into a cat fight with Nina. The two ladies will bicker and draw claws at each other, but Sonny will manage to quiet them down. However, he will demand to know what they were feuding over, and what is this intel that they know but he doesn’t. We wonder if it could have anything to do with Nina making the SEC leak! Could Diane have found some clues that connect Nina to the tip-off? Stay tuned to the upcoming episode of General Hospital to see if Sonny finally learns the big truth!

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