‘Sister Wives’: Christine & Janelle Spinoff Series Delayed or Down the Drain?

Sister Wives fans may be in for disappointing news — everyone hoping to see a Christine Brown and Janelle Brown spinoff will have to wait for the time being. According to new reports, the network has put all spinoff talks on hold. So what does this mean for the TLC reality series moving forward?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown & Christine Brown Put on Hold

For the past few seasons, viewers have called for the TLC network to give Janelle and her co-star Christine a stand-alone spin-off series. They believe that the original show has lost its appeal. This is due to Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown having all ended their relationships with their former husband Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
Christine – Janelle | Instagram

They do not understand how the network will move forward, past Season 18. This is especially true since Kody is currently down to one wife, Robyn Brown.


As far as the show’s followers are concerned Sister Wives is no more. They understand the upcoming season will reveal the changes the Brown family has undergone during the past two years. They remain interested in learning how each cast member is now navigating their new lives sans Kody Brown.

However, the network is confident that the series’ success will continue without branching out into the spinoff world just yet.

They feel there are many stories left to be told about the Brown family members that will continue to hold their fan base’s interest. Because of this, they feel the time for a spinoff is a subject for later.

TLC Explains the Reasoning Behind Their Decision

Sister Wives‘ producer Chris Poole tells Variety that while he is all for the spinoff series, he feels they would be better suited to a later date.


He explains that the series has much more to offer its fan base. This is because the spinoff stories they want to see are also already a part of future seasons.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown -Kody Brown- Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
Meri – Robyn – Kody – Christine – Janelle | TLC – Facebook

Chris Poole adds that he believes that the major life shakeup that Kody Brown has experienced in losing three of his four wives is just the beginning of the next era in all the Brown family members’ lives.

He adds that the show’s followers will be happy with the twists and turns the stories will reveal. The producer feels that Christine and David Woolley‘s engagement is just a small piece of the larger puzzle.

He said even though Christine left the family it was a massive event. They have shot quite a bit of footage since Christien’s departure. “It continues to be just as interesting and dramatic because, as much as she has left, Kody is still the father of her children. They still have to interact and figure that out.”

Sister Wives: Will Janelle & Christine Ever Get Their Own Show?

At this time Poole says he sees no end in sight for the TLC hit series. He adds that he would love to do the spinoffs. He believes fans would “love to see what happens” with each cast member. “Fortunately, we’re in a place right now where we’re covering that on the reality show. Nobody is disappearing from the show.”


Are you upset about the spinoff news? There is no need to worry, even though it is not the news some were looking for. Sister Wives fans can still expect the series to continue with more stories of Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown.

Also, Kody Brown and his remaining wife Robyn Brown’s evolving lives. However, if TLC holds to its promise things will be even more dramatic and interesting than before.

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