Sister Wives: Fans Slam Christine Brown For Scam On Social Media!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has successfully built a positive reputation over the years. Fans love her because of her flamboyant personality and courageous nature. Almost the entire show’s fanbase supported her when she decided to part ways with Kody. However, as they say, it takes years to earn respect, but it can all be gone in just a day. Hence, it seems that the same happened with Christine. Recently, she decided to conduct a giveaway that fans felt was a scam and called her out for supporting fake organizations! Did Christine collaborate with a fraudster?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Conducts A Huge Giveaway, Fans Call It Scam!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is probably in the best phase of her life. She has already walked out from a toxic marriage and is on the verge of walking down the aisle with her new partner, David Woolley. Hence, the celeb is either hanging out with her fiance or spending quality time with her kids. However, it seems that the tables might have turned now! Fans who couldn’t stop gushing over Christine now doubt her for conducting questionable giveaways on social media!

Recently, Christine took to Instagram and announced a massive giveaway contest. In it, she was giving away a brand new “Canon Camera,” “Macbook Air,” and an “iPhone 14.” The list doesn’t end here! She further promised to give a $1,000 Prepaid Visa Gift card that the winner could spend on whatever their heart desires. Apparently, to win this contest, Christine’s followers had to follow all the accounts that her collaborative partner was following. Participants further had to like her post and tag their friends as well. Brown even clarified in her caption, “Yes, this is REAL!!” to avoid any kind of double thoughts in her followers’ minds. But they were still not convinced.


Sister Wives: Fans Criticize Christine For Allegedly Supporting Fake Ventures

Several Sister Wives fans took to the comment sections and admitted they were skeptical about the massive giveaway. Christine asked her viewers to follow all the accounts her collaborative partner was following. Users quickly noticed that she was asking them to follow about 65 accounts in total! This made fans angry, and many of them expressed their frustration in the comment section. Someone wrote, “They follow over 60 accounts? Pass,” with a laughing emoji. Another one further added that such giveaways are “ridiculous” and “unnecessary.”

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A user even questioned the authenticity of Christine’s collaborative partner, SocialStance. Many viewers agreed that they weren’t able to find details about the venture and were suspicious about its existence. On the other hand, numerous followers of Christine trusted her and enthusiastically participated in the contest. Apparently, in recent years, several giveaway scams have come into the limelight, including the infamous Kardashians incident. In 2021, Kim and Scott Disick were sued for about $40 million because of the same. Since then, viewers have lost trust in such contests and often slam stars who support them as well.

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