Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Are FLEEING From Arizona? But Why?

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn have been living a lowkey life these days. They aren’t active on any social media platforms and are keeping themselves away from the public eye. Evidently, now the infamous couple is in a monogamous marriage after facing three divorces in a row. Intially, rumors claimed that Kody would think of restarting his life as a polygamist by adding new wives. But it seems that he has been trying to figure out where to live before he does anything of that sort. Apparently, as per the current scenario, he might have to flee from Arizona! But why do Kody and Robyn have to do such a thing?

Sister Wives: Are Kody & Robyn Fleeing From Arizona?

Season 13 of Sister Wives featured the Browns leaving Las Vegas and moving to Arizona in 2018. Kody decided to uproot his massive polygamous family and relocate to Flagstaff, Arizona. They intially used to live in Utah but had to flee overnight because their plural marriage lifestyle wasn’t welcomed with open arms and was also illegal. However, it seems that Kody will have to leave Arizona for several reasons. Recently, WithoutACrystalBall stated why the infamous couple would have to consider fleeing from the current location as soon as possible.

As per the current scenario, Kody and Robyn plan to live in houses on their family property, Coyote Pass. It is a known fact that, to date, the land has some outstanding dues, which are supposed to be cleared by this June. Apparently, the patriarch has lost three ladies who used to bring in significant funds to pay off these loans seemingly. Hence, fans have started to feel that Kody won’t be able to pay the remaining amount and will have to leave Flagstaff. Moreover, the Sister Wives star Tony recently admitted that his father-in-law has been talking about relocating! He added that the celeb was looking for a “cheaper ” place than Flagstaff.


Sister Wives: Will Kody & Robyn Go Behind Bars If They Stay In Flagstaff?

It seems that “money” might not be the only reason Kody and Robyn would allegedly leave Flagstaff, Arizona. The former has an image of being a polygamist all over the world. Though he is in a monogamous marriage, for the time being, he did have a plural family once. Moreover, several sources have claimed that the Sister Wives star was thinking of bringing in new wives to the family. But it seems that if Kody wishes to re-establish his plural marriage lifestyle, he would have to leave Arizona first, anyhow!

Sister Wives

As per reports, Arizona is a place with a conservative government and lawsuits. In addition to that, the recent case of Samuel Bateman has made the state a red flag for polygamists. As per the reports, he was accused of being a sex trafficker and child rapist while his case is still ongoing in Arizona Federal Court. However, the authorities aren’t going after all the polygamists. But after this infamous incident, people following such a lifestyle would indeed be heavily watched. This will most likely make Arizona no longer a safer place for Kody!

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