‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Faked It – TLC Scripted Scene for Two Co-Wives

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown prides herself on being honest about what she shares on this TLC show. Although, when the show first started up, fans felt that way about all the wives. They pretty much thought Kody Brown was that way as well, at first. But then things changed.

Now Gwendlyn Brown shares a story about two wives faking it on screen. But fans aren’t probably too surprised to hear this. Christine Brown was the first to fake it for the Sister Wives cameras. Then Robyn followed.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Secret Surfaces

Kody Brown praised Robyn Brown as his compliant wife when he offered up his excuses as to why she’s the only wife left. Robyn is also the only one who didn’t seem to have a problem with Kody running the family under a patriarch model.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC

Now it looks as if Robyn was even more compliant than fans suspected when it came to their reality show. But she wasn’t the only wife that took reality to another level. It seems Christine Brown did the same thing as Robyn, according to Sister Wives’ adult daughter Gwendlyn Brown.

Gwen recently offered up some more tidbits about the family. From what she shared it suggests that what TLC sold to fans as reality wasn’t always real. She mentioned two of the four wives actually wearing a disguise on the screen – because TLC requested it.

All About Kody Brown Looking Like Ladies Man?

When the Sister Wives show first aired, fans tuned in to see how one man made four wives happy. Very early on, the viewers were privy to his honeymoon phase with Robyn.

He appalled fans with the attention he paid to her instead of the other wives. Then, Kody Brown was often seen running from one wife to the other. When they lived in Vegas cul-de-sac he ran from house to house.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC

When they lived miles apart, fans would get a quick glimpse of him as he galloped to his car to drive to the next wife’s house. He also looked like he did his duty to grow the family when one of his wives showed off a huge baby bump around their house.

Sister Wives fans got to see two of his four wives pregnant on the screen. The other children were born before the cameras infiltrated their lives. So, Gwendlyn Brown talked about how TLC captured these pregnancies for the TV audience.

Sister Wives: A Little Padding Never Hurt

Out of the original three original Sister Wives moms, only Christine was pregnant during the filming of the series. Then, Robyn joined the family during the first season. After her debut, Robyn became pregnant twice after marrying Kody spiritually.

Now we learn that both wives embellished how far along they were with a pregnancy prosthesis or a fake baby bump. Kody Brown and Christine’s 21-year-old daughter said she remembered the pregnancy prosthesis.

Gwen said it was always somewhere around while filming back then. Because Christine Brown or Robyn wouldn’t appear pregnant on screen for all that long due to the way they filmed, the fake bump prolonged the look.


So, the question Sister Wives fans ask today is if they faked the look of a full-term pregnancy, what else was fake? Now that the kids are growing up, they’ve found their own voices when it comes to the way things were for the Brown family.

So, maybe there’s more to come on what you thought you watched Vs. what you really watched on this TLC series.

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